Otaki Players - At The Civic


Priscilla Queen of the Desert - MEET THE CAST

Robert Arnold - Mitzi Mitosis/Tick
Humble, youthful, flawless and iconic are just a handful of the words that have never been used to describe Rob.  A former number one selling artist, it is absolutely baffling how one so young can have such a vast wealth of theatrical history.  Rob has been lucky enough to try his hand at just about everything in his thespianical career that spans over 5 different decades.  Teenager, Prince, Teenager, Florist, Teenager, Chimneysweep and Teenager, the 23 year old (according to his vaccine passport) Rob believed there was nothing else left for him to try his hand at in the realm of musical theatre.  After all, what could possibly be left to try after playing such a large array of characters?  That's right.  Drag Queen.