Otaki Players - At The Civic




Thursday 18th May @ 7.30pm

Friday 19th May @ 7.30pm

Saturday 20th May @ 7.30pm

Sunday 21st May @ 2.00pm

Thursday 25th May @ 7.30pm

Friday 26th May @ 7.30pm

Saturday 27th May @ 7.30pm

Bob and Fran Price have four adult children: Pip, Mark, Ben, and Rosie. Each child has his or her own unique struggles and secrets that they try to keep hidden from their parents, but Fran has a knack for knowing what is true in each of their lives.

As the children try to redefine their lives separately from the hopes and dreams of their parents, what is real and genuine in the Price family falls apart under scrutiny, and Bob and Fran must redefine their relationships with their children and with each other.

Funny, poignant, and heartbreaking, Things I Know to be True examines the dynamics of a family and how they understand truth in the face of tragedy.

Contains adult themes and coarse language.